Wayne Dreadski is a songwriter and rapper from Atlanta, United States. His hip hop, reggae, and dancehall musical styles have led to him recording a number of singles and EPs. Lust, Highroller, Moonwalk, Lik a Shot – DanceHall Trap Mix, and Thrust are some of his well-known hits.

Also, Wayne has established himself as a pioneer in the industry, experimenting with a variety of musical styles over the course of hisĀ career. As a result, he has gathered over 1 million cumulative Spotify streams due to his novel approach to music, and he has receivedĀ praise from top music business professionals.

Before modern music icons like Skrillex and Avicii were born, Jamaica’s sound engineers experimented with technology and created studio magic. Late-’60s dub artists like Osborne “King Tubby” Ruddock, Lee “Scratch” Perry, and Errol Thompson redefined the roots reggae sound with little more than mixing boards, effects processors, and their ideas.

Like most of today’s popular dance forms, Dub music valued beat overproduction, emphasising psychedelic effects like reverb, echo, and phasing. Wayne Dreadski’s tone is thick and robust. Because of its relaxing character, the timing of the beats in his one-of-a-kind music gives it a hypnotic sense.

Wayne Dreadski’s music has introduced and blended drum genres, giving it a unique and thrilling atmosphere. Also, he has worked on his vocals to keep the natural tone of his voice, and his trademark sound is now recognisable.