Wayne Dreadski, the Atlanta-based reggae and RnB musician, will release his new single, ‘Da Candyman,’ on all major streaming platforms on September 24th.

The forward-thinking musician combines modern hip-hop with one-of-a-kind reggae to create a unique mix. Furthermore, the vocalist/ songwriter defies all conventions, preparing the road for his own vision to come to fulfilment. He takes vocal cues from some of the greats, such as Wu-Tang Clan and Professor Nuts, but he still manages to add his own unique charm.

Wayne Dreadski’s music is instantly refreshing, starting with a warm guitar rhythm, followed by a drum and bass-filled beat and a vocal that is pouring with seductive flavour. Also, the vast array of sounds that emerge from the mix offers something for everyone, with an unpredictable structure that will keep you fascinated from beginning to end.

So, you’re seeking some of the newest hip-hop with a twist? Look no farther than ‘Da Candyman,’ by Wayne Dreadski, which will be out on September 24th.

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